a waterfront vacation stay since 1984.


Tucked on the south shore of Samish Island, our place looks onto peaceful Alice Bay, saltwater tidal flats and the fields of the Skagit Valley.

The island is a refuge for northwest wildlife and Alice Bay shelters a Great Blue Heron rookery. Perched on low bank waterfront, next door to tall fir trees, guests are able to observe many species of waterfowl and raptors including Bald Eagles, hawks and falcons. The beach is a wonder for solitary wandering or rowing our boat at high tide to get a closer look at birds and harbor seals.

April 2009, Alice Bay marked twenty-five years as a Bed and Breakfast, and we redefined Alice Bay as a Vacation Rental. You'll stay in a contemporary place that is uncluttered, spacious and opens wide to the natural beauty of the Northwest. It remains a "one guest quarters place" to offer extended quiet and solitude for guests as well as the abundant wildlife.



guests’ writings

"The moon posed for us."

"Dozens of herons playing 'Mother May I'."

"Yes, we wanted quiet, beauty, space and we got them to a measure that we did not expect. We came a long way ~ from France to find this."


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Thirty-five years of returning guests, and their writings:
"Wonderfully honest detail..."
"What a fortunate find! Everything was perfect. It was as if you were expecting us."