To celebrate twenty-five years of Alice Bay we reused a classic Silver Anniversary plate and hung it on the summer kitchen wall. In redefining Alice Bay as a vacation rental, there is room to unpack and claim a place as your own.

A breezeway separates the 'guest quarters' from the main house, establishing a sense of space. The summer kitchen is on the ground floor warmed by the southern exposure. A full glass wall offers a place to watch the ebb and flow of the tide, focus in on wildlife with your binoculars or just finish reading your book.

In the morning, brew local fresh roasted coffees, pour milk over natural granolas, or make some sunny-side-up eggs. The kitchen shelves are stacked with plates and glassware and the refrigerator is ready for your own goods from the nearby local markets. Make breakfast on your own or join local farmers at the cafés in Edison.

Just above the summer kitchen, you will stay in an attractive, uncluttered, spacious sleeping room. You will sleep in a big bed fit with crisp high quality cottons, freshen up in a private bath stocked with soap and stacked with towels. Large windows look south out on Alice Bay, while neighboring farmlands and mountains pull the room together.

Peak of the summer season, we pitch the Rainier tent directly on the saltwater bank. This heavy white walled canvas 8x10 tent sleeps two with all the best outdoor elements. The tent is offered only as an add-on to the guest quarters.